Best Apps for Work Schedules

Schedule Your Work With Best Apps & Manage Time Blocking Schedule

Its All About : Best Apps for Work Schedules

So, you want to organize your time ? Wonderful! I’ll get right to it; your time is precious, after all.

But if you do have time, check out my previous post where I explain what a time blocking schedule is. That post only mentioned paper options, but if you’re like me and you like to maximize your day, you may want to consider using technology to do most of the work.

Give me 30 seconds of your time to set-up my argument. You can time me, if you like. Ready?

I get it: paper is useful. You can customize it any way you please, the tactile feel is great, and it’s uncomplicated…until you have edit it. Let’s face it, paper and pen—or pencil, marker, or crayon—is messy and time-consuming.

What if you make a mistake? What if your schedule changes? Then you’ll have to deal with the nightmare of starting over, crossing out words, or using liquid paper. And don’t even get me started on the unsightly, uneven surfaces liquid paper leaves.

Oh right, I’m on a time limit. Let’s get started:

Best Apps for Work Schedules:

TickTick: The ultimate to-do list app! TickTick lets you create a schedule by creating a task with a start time instead of filling in slots, which is freeing. It has a clean interface and is available across all platforms.

Trello: Similar to TickTick, this app is geared more towards teamwork activities. You can create a schedule and your team members to edit or participate in said tasks.

Google Calendar : What a beautiful app! You can view a weekly, hour-by-hour breakdown of your schedule. You can also categorize and color-coordinate recurring events for better organization. And of course, Google Calendar syncs will all devices.

So, there you go! If you have any other suggestions, let us know in the comment section! We’d love to hear it.

Go forth and be great,